Parent(s) of the Year

Families are the bedrock of our community and parents throughout our islands are a major part of that. Yet their role is sometimes taken for granted and can go unacknowledged – often they are seen as just good old mum or dad. We recognise that without that unconditional love, guidance and time thousands of lives and futures could be very different. This award is therefore a chance to say a big public thank you to your mum, dad, step-parent, foster parent or guardian for their constant support.

Everyone thinks their parents are the best – now is your chance to show them.


Parent of the Year: Enid Falla

ENID FALLA has been nominated by her daughter for Parent of the Year after being so brave and loving throughout her diagnosis of dementia.

Parent/s of the Year: Clive and Margaret Norman

CLIVE and Margaret Norman have been nominated for Parents of the Year by their daughter, Jessica.

Parent/s of the Year: Kim Le Cheminant

DESCRIBED as having a ‘heart of gold’, Kim Le Cheminant has been nominated for Parent of the Year.

Parents of the Year: Bridget and George Jennings

A SUPPORTIVE parenting duo, Bridget and George Jennings have been nominated for the DWA-sponsored Parents of the Year award.

Parents of the Year: Danika Martin and Christian Hainsworth

FIRST-TIME parents who did not have the easiest of starts have been nominated for this year’s DWA-sponsored Parents of the Year award.

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