Parent(s) of the Year

Families are the bedrock of our community and parents throughout our islands are a major part of that. Yet their role is sometimes taken for granted and can go unacknowledged – often they are seen as just good old mum or dad. We recognise that without that unconditional love, guidance and time thousands of lives and futures could be very different. This award is therefore a chance to say a big public thank you to your mum, dad, step-parent, foster parent or guardian for their constant support.

Everyone thinks their parents are the best – now is your chance to show them.


Aaron and Claire Nash

AARON and Claire Nash have been nominated for the way they have had to overcome many unexpected challenges after their first baby together, Willow, became very unwell at around eight days old last July.

Barbara Cleave

BARBARA CLEAVE does things for people without having to be asked, according to her daughter.
Natalie Guille has put her mother forward for the Christies Group-sponsored Parent/s of the Year award and said she was one in a million.

Dawn Ellis

DAWN ELLIS is the most inspirational parent that Emily Nuttall has ever met.

Jane and Derek Pearson

A GRATEFUL daughter has used the Pride of Guernsey nominations to thank her parents for the help and support they have given to her over the years.

Jenny and Mark Hooper

JENNY and Mark Hooper work tirelessly for others as well as their own, according to their friend, Karen Langlois.

Mark Renouf

A STUDENT who has just completed her GCSEs at La Mare de Carteret High School is in no doubt that her father, Mark Renouf, is a worthy contender for the Christies Group-sponsored Parent/s of the Year award.

Stephi and Martin Whitwam

FOR THEIR strength and positivity, Stephi and Martin Whitwam have been nominated for The Christies Group-sponsored Parent of the Year Award by Andrea Guilbert.

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