Diversity & inclusion

We are pleased to launch a new award this year to recognise a person or organisation who embraces diversity and inclusion, making the community or their workplace a better place to be. We’re looking for nominations for people who have helped to create an environment where differences are celebrated and the people around them feel valued and included. This could be within a business, the public sector, community group or voluntary organisation. Perhaps you know someone who has helped to make everyone feel like part of the team, no matter who they are or where they come from. Or maybe someone you know has really helped to break down taboos around LGBT, mental health, disability, neurodiversity (eg autism, Asperger’s and other variations in the way we think) or another aspect of diversity. Perhaps someone in your organisation has introduced new ways of working that have created better opportunities for career progression and promotion for women and/or employees from minority groups, or maybe they’ve implemented some really innovative working practices to enable people to have a better work life balance. If you know someone, a team or an organisation who makes their community or workplace a more diverse and inclusive place, please do nominate them for this new award and help us to recognise and celebrate their brilliant contribution.


Diversity and Inclusion: Autism Guernsey

‘EXPERTISE, knowledge and understanding of autism, along with sensitivity and a desire to have a positive impact on people’s lives’ is why the Autism Guernsey team have been nominated for the Diversity and Inclusion award.

Diversity and Inclusion: Darren Alderton

A TIRELESS and charismatic leader, Darren Alderton lives and breathes togetherness.

Diversity and Inclusion: Gareth Papworth

BREAKING taboos of male mental health through film, Gareth Papworth has been nominated for the Diversity and Inclusion award for encouraging discussion, listening without judgement and signposting people in need to support services.

Diversity and Inclusion: Guernsey Employment Trust/Alexandra Denoual

LOOKING beyond diagnosis to support people to find work is employment support officer Alexandra Denoual.
She works for the Guernsey Employment Trust, a charity which helps people with disabilities find and sustain employment.

Diversity and Inclusion: James Ferbrache

CARING for hundreds of students to ensure they are included and supported is taken in teacher James Ferbrache’s stride.

Diversity and Inclusion: Karen Blanchford

ISOLATED islanders stayed connected during lockdown due to Karen Blanchford’s efforts, who for years has tirelessly fought for inclusion.

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