Overcoming Adversity

Many islanders young or old are faced with challenges that can seem insurmountable, whether they be emotional or physical, mental or social.

Often some people rise to the challenge and show a considerable personal strength and spirit that is both impressive and humbling to see. This award aims to celebrate their achievement of ‘the impossible’ and how in overcoming their adversity they offer hope and inspiration to others in our community.


Overcoming Adversity Award: Lucia Paglirone

LUCIA PAGLIARONE has been nominated for her role in campaigning ‘tirelessly for the community of Guernsey to be treated fairly and in a non-prejudicial way’.
Nominated for the Close Finance-sponsored Overcoming Adversity award by Amy Hook, Ms Pagliar

Overcoming Adversity: Gareth Byrne

DISPELLING myths of long hours and poor wages, Old Government House general manager Gareth Byrne has been able to interest students into considering a career in the hospitality industry.

Overcoming Adversity: Jaike Garnham-Burton

NOMINATED by his mum for the Close Finance-sponsored Overcoming Adversity award, 13 year old Jaike Garnham-Burton has had to deal with more in his life than most his age.

Overcoming Adversity: Kevin Parsons

ALLIANCE supermarket worker Kevin Parsons has been put forward for the Close Finance-sponsored Overcoming Adversity award for always putting a smile on people’s faces.

Overcoming Adversity: Megan Jackson

MEGAN JACKSON has been nominated for the Overcoming Adversity category for working hard during lockdown at Boots on the High Street in Town, despite dealing with anxiety.

Overcoming Adversity: Sophie Veron

ALTHOUGH scoliosis led to a brain injury for Sophie Veron, she went on to still put others first before herself and this is the reason why Karen Gibbs has nominated her for a Pride of Guernsey award.

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