Overcoming Adversity

Many islanders young or old are faced with challenges that can seem insurmountable, whether they be emotional or physical, mental or social.

Often some people rise to the challenge and show a considerable personal strength and spirit that is both impressive and humbling to see. This award aims to celebrate their achievement of ‘the impossible’ and how in overcoming their adversity they offer hope and inspiration to others in our community.


Beatrice Dodsworth

A WOMAN who has made the most of a dramatically changed lifestyle has been nominated for Overcoming Adversity. Beatrice Dodsworth has been put forward by her son Chester for the Close Finance-sponsored award.

Bethany Nicholson

BETHANY NICHOLSON has accepted her difficulties and used her experiences to help inspire and support others, her nominator for the Overcoming Adversity award has said.

Casey Rosamond

A PRIMARY SCHOOL pupil has remained resilient and upbeat in the face of a debilitating knee condition, setting a ‘shining example’ of how to overcome adversity.

Emily Nuttall

A young woman who volunteers with mental health charities and has spoken out about her own experiences has been nominated for the Overcoming Adversity award. Sponsored by Close Finance, the award is designed to recognise those who have overcome the odds a

Erin Cottell

ERIN COTTELL has been nominated by best friends, Shannon Gavey and Alice Allen, for the Close Finance-sponsored Overcoming Adversity award for her ongoing battle with type 1 diabetes.

Gracie Whitwam

AN EIGHT-YEAR-OLD girl’s bravery since being diagnosed with leukaemia has been admirable and has helped the family through a difficult time.

Kyra Glendenning

KYRA (KIZZY) GLENDENNING was nominated for the Close Finance-sponsored Overcoming Adversity award by her mum.

Sam Proudlove-Gains

A YOUNG boy’s spirit, patience and good humour since being diagnosed with acute myeloid leukaemia is testament to his bravery and the amazing support of his family.

Vaughan Davies

RECOVERING from the debilitating physical and psychological effects of his stroke would have been enough to justify an Overcoming Adversity nomination for Vaughan Davies.

Zachary Rault

A YOUNG MAN has overcome a range of learning-related issues to achieve more engineering qualifications than any other student would be expected to achieve.

Zef Eisenberg

‘A WALKING and biking miracle’ is how Zef Eisenberg has been described after recovering from a high-speed accident and getting back to breaking records in the space of two years.

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