Pride of Guernsey: Mireille Dowding

WHEN Amanda Holmes fell ill, she was able to rely on her neighbour, Mireille Dowding, to give her a hand. In recognition of that help, Ms Holmes has nominated Mrs Dowding in the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of Year category.

The pair have been neighbours in Castel for 17 years.
Ms Holmes fell ill around 18 months ago and was then unable to drive.
‘Mireille and her husband have been wonderful in running me around, often at short notice, to doctors, shops and sometimes elsewhere,’ she said.
‘She has picked things up for me, thinking of me, even when shopping alone. She looks after our house when I am in hospital for my illness. She has looked after family pets when we have gone on holiday, accepted parcels when I have been out and helped us move furniture and start cars. I could not ask for a kinder, more helpful neighbour.’
Mrs Dowding said she had always said hello to Ms Holmes over the years, but had been happy to step in when her neighbour needed more support.