Neighbour of the Year

This could be someone who has done anything from the great to the very simple for their neighbour or neighbours. It may have made a real difference to someone’s life, or had a positive impact on the neighbourhood – perhaps helping to keep it safe.

No matter where we live in Guernsey, there are people at the very heart of our neighbourhoods and their contributions deserve to be celebrated.


Brenda Smart

‘BRENDA Smart does not help others to receive acknowledgement in return and this is the only reason I am nervous in writing this nomination,’ said Donna Dowding who has nominated Brenda for Neighbour of the Year.

Dianne Devaney

DIANNE DEVANEY has such a cheery nature she could get anyone smiling, according to Kim Leggett, who has nominated Dianne for the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of the Year award. Kim wanted to recognise Dianne for the friendship and support she had given he

Mireille Dowding

WHEN Amanda Holmes fell ill, she was able to rely on her neighbour, Mireille Dowding, to give her a hand. In recognition of that help, Ms Holmes has nominated Mrs Dowding in the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of Year category.

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