Pride of Guernsey: Marie Vohmann

A LEARNING support assistant deserves to be crowned Teacher of the Year for the way she has gone ‘above and beyond’.

Marie Vohmann has worked with Chris and Erin Adkins' son, Jacob, at Amherst Primary School for a number of years and it is they that have nominated her for the Garenne-sponsored award.
Mr and Mrs Adkins said her support had been invaluable.
‘Jacob is an anxious child and the prospect of finishing Year 5 and moving closer towards the uncertainty of his final year of primary school (and what comes beyond) is certainly very difficult for him to contend with,’ they said.
‘Jacob receives one-to-one support from Marie at Amherst, and we couldn’t ask for a better learning support assistant for him. She has the patience of a saint, and sees Jacob for more than just the difficulties he presents.
‘While the school has been supportive in general, Marie has regularly gone above and beyond to help Jacob have better days at school.
‘We are extremely grateful for Marie’s ongoing support and have no doubt that she would be a very deserving recipient of this award.’