Pride of Guernsey: Geraldine Williams

GERALDINE WILLIAMS, activities coordinator at Headway Guernsey, has been nominated by member Anne Jehan for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year Award.

‘I suffered from a serious fall seven-and-a-half years ago,’ Anne said, ‘I fractured my skull and had a brain injury.
‘The paramedics who came almost immediately told my husband they did not expect me to survive.’
Mrs Jehan was flown to Southampton to be operated on.
She then spent nearly two years on Le Marchant Ward, completely unaware of her time there, with 18 months of that being unconscious.
‘When discharged I was initially in a wheelchair, followed by a wheelie to walk with and then sticks,’ she said, ‘I found it extremely difficult to speak, walk and open my hands.’
The hospital suggested to Anne she attend Headway Guernsey, which she has now been a member of for four years.
‘Geraldine Williams is part of their team and has been extremely helpful to me.’
‘I attend [Geraldine’s classes] every Friday morning with around 30 to 40 other people and various activities are given to us.
‘Geraldine and other members of the team take time to listen to anyone who has independence difficulties,’ said Anne. ‘We have a quiz each week to assist our memory problems.
‘Geraldine also takes members for a computer course, which is helping enormously for us to recollect our computer skills.’
Gerladine is always happy to offer advice and answer any and all questions that members may have.
‘She teased me once saying I was always asking questions. She does not, however, have a problem with this.’