Pride of Guernsey: Adam Sensi and Michelle Young

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS Adam Sensi and Michelle Young have been nominated for their patience and understanding when assisting Kevin Baker back to full health.

back to full health.
Mr Baker has nominated the pair for the Ravenscroft-sponsored Angel of the Year award.
‘They helped me so much over the past year as I had to stay eight months in hospital with collapsed bones in my back and sepsis set in on my spine,’ he said, ‘I was very ill for a long time and my family were told I might not make it through the sepsis.
‘On top of that I then had thrombosis in my leg and then a bleed in my stomach.’
During these months, Mr Baker went from not being able to sit up on his own to sliding himself from his wheelchair to the bed, still having to spend the day in the wheelchair, when he was discharged.
‘I started having physio with Adam Sensi and Michelle Young,’ he said. ‘It was simple things at first then gradually they pushed me to do things that were a bit harder, but only if I was comfortable with it.
‘They had so much patience and understanding, especially if I was having a particularly hard day.
‘Now I spend hardly any time in my wheelchair, I can sit on the sofa and a dining chair, and use a three-wheeled rollator to walk short distances.
‘I cannot thank them enough for this and I think they thoroughly deserve this award for all that they do for people like me.’