Pride of Guernsey: Jeff Belshaw

JEFF BELSHAW has been nominated for the Channel Islands Co-operative Society-sponsored Grandparent/s of the Year award for being helpful, loving and strong.

His granddaughter and nominator Heidi Belshaw, 27, commended Jeff for doing anything for his family.
‘All his life he has been a hard worker,’ she said.
‘He will do anything for his family, whether it is looking after the great-grandkids or giving us a lift somewhere or even helping us out with money.’
Heidi has said that Jeff is paying for her wedding reception this year, allowing his granddaughter the chance to take her children to Disney.
Jeff has a daughter, two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren, and cared for his wife full-time for two years when she was diagnosed with cancer. Sadly she lost her battle last November.
Turning 71 this month, Jeff is the oldest scallop diver in Guernsey, still diving for both pleasure and to sell.
‘He brought me up since I was very little with my Nan and took me in full time when I was 10,’ Heidi said.
‘He is more my Dad than my Pop and is loved by family and friends alike.
‘He is always there, a great friend to everyone.’