Pride of Guernsey: Dr Caroline Yates

‘A FANTASTIC listener’ who always does what she can to help with ‘absolutely anything’ is how Dr Caroline Yates is described by her nominator for the Angel of the Year award.

Emily Nuttall has put Dr Yates forward for the Ravenscroft-sponsored award.
Dr Yates practices for the Queen’s Road Medical Practice at both its main office and at the surgery at the Longfrie.
‘From the moment that I met her Dr Yates has been nothing but an angel,’ said Emily.
‘Dr Yates is a doctor that has had so much time for me during my times of need both physically and mentally and during times of distress.
‘Dr Yates is a fantastic listener and will always do what she can to help with absolutely anything.’
She said that the doctor deserves to be recognised for her tireless work to make sure that her patients get on the road to recovery.
‘Without Dr Yates I wouldn’t be moving forward in my recovery like I am today,’ said Emily.
‘That is why she is an absolute angel.’