Pride of Guernsey: A special type of strength

MOST of us will never know exactly how we’ll cope until we truly face adversity.

In life we all face challenges – whether small or seemingly insurmountable, these challenges take courage to face.

To stand up in the face of adversity and stride forward takes a special type of strength and Close Finance is proud to celebrate this strength by sponsoring this year’s Overcoming Adversity award in the 2017 Pride of Guernsey Awards.

The award itself celebrates the achievement of an individual against seemingly impossible odds, and how, by overcoming adversity, these individuals provide inspiration and hope to our community.

Close Finance is primarily a people business, where customers enjoy speaking to team members who take the time to understand them and live in the same communities.

It has an excellent ‘cradle to grave’ reputation for looking after all its customers’ borrowing requirements throughout their lives.

We assist and support our clients and often help them overcome problems, giving them the ability to transform their lives.

We believe we play a positive role in the community and this award gives us the opportunity to support Pride of Guernsey, celebrating the many wonderful islanders among us doing extraordinary things every day.

Richard Briscoe, managing director, Close Finance CI