Angel of the Year

The Reparative Care Team

A relatively new health care team found itself the recipient of this year’s Angel of the Year award.

The Reparative Care Team was set up five years ago to work with children and young people who do not live in the care of their birth parents.

The award was received by service manager family help Jo Ogier and therapeutic practitioner Rosy Corbin.

Based at Swissville the team comprises 13 members, who Ms Corbin said were all recruited by Mrs Ogier: ‘Jo built this team from the ground up and it’s really her vision that has made us into the team we are,’ she said.

‘She has really fought for us to develop as a team.’

Mrs Ogier said that she would discuss with the team what to do with the prize money but thought it was likely it would be used to benefit the children who access the team’s services.

The team works directly with the child, their carers and any professionals in their lives in a therapeutic, trauma-informed way to help make sense of the child’s experience.

It was nominated by foster carers who said that without the team they would have been unlikely to have continued: ‘The assessments that the team undertakes have proved critical to all the team around the child and how best to help support the child,’ they said.

‘We feel that this team, with the support and insights it offers us, is the glue that holds everything together.

‘It is clear to us that the child is the primary focus of everyone we have worked with in the team.

‘The intervention that the RCT provides helps children and other young people to build resilience and supports those who have had adverse childhood experiences and developmental trauma.

‘Such intervention can be critical to ensuring that children do not continue to carry these experiences into adulthood. Everyone we have worked with has been amazing. A very big thank you to the RCT, we love you.’

Also in the final three were the Bulstrode Oncology Unit and the Critical Care Unit.