Arts Contribution of the Year

Ross Le Brun

Ross Le Brun has won this year’s Arts Contribution of the Year award sponsored by Moonpig, for his chalk art around the island and organising community chalk art festivals. 

For the Island Games, Mr Le Brun had created an eye-catching five-metre high display on a German pillbox of a cyclist. 

‘His chalk art has been really brilliant. The recent example of the Island Games cycling being a good example,’ said his nominator Marc Winn. 

Ross started displaying his work on his Facebook page Dad Makes Stuff showing all his work over the past year. 

As well as the work he has done himself, Mr Le Brun organised a chalk art festival on the 12 August. 

‘It’s well worth celebrating,’ said Mr Winn. 

‘He’s done it all off his own back. He’s making people smile.’ 

Ross hopes one day his art will be his main focus, doing it as his job. 

‘Hopefully at some point it’ll be my main income, that’s the dream,’ said Mr Le Brun. 

Upon receiving his award Ross spoke about his desire to do more in the community. 

‘I have been chatting the States about doing more community projects,’ said Mr Le Brun 

‘I need sponsorship though because I can’t work all that time unpaid.’ 

In his acceptance speech Mr Le Brun spoke of his need for sponsorship to do the mural he had been asked to do on the Amalgamated Boxing Club.

Mr Le Brun was shocked to receive the award. 

‘My heads spinning, obviously I knew there was a possibility but didn’t expect to win.’

Martin & Carrie Welch and Ben Fiore were the other shortlisted finalists.