Carer of the Year

Emilia Fernandes

Emilia Fernandes was the winner of the Carer of the Year award.

She has been working as a carer at Le Chateau du Village nursing home for 18 years.

She was close to tears as she received the award, admitting that she didn’t expect to win having been nominated for a Pride award before.

‘It’s very special, and I don’t really know what to say. I love what I do and I think I deserve it.’

She explained that, due to the nature of her job, she often didn’t see her family for long periods, but the fulfilling nature of her work helped get her through difficult times.

‘Older people are experienced and teach you how to live your life, they give me the strength to carry on doing what I do and to do my best.’

She said the atmosphere at Le Chateau made her feel motivated.

‘We are a team and a big family in a lot of ways, the stories people have are amazing.’

She added that the care home’s residents would be delighted for her.

‘They will be so excited for me, as will their families.’

Miss Fernandes’ nominator, Gail Morris, said she was beyond grateful to her for the time she put towards caring for her mother.

‘She went way above what one would normally expect,’ she said.

‘Soon after Christmas in 2021 there was a case of Covid in the home, so it was in lockdown. I was worried how my mum would cope without going out each day.’

‘When finally the doors were opened again I was flabbergasted by the amazing recovery my mum had made.’

‘I could not believe it. She was chirpy and she was walking. It was not only the care she had received that brought these changes, she had a new friend.

‘I really do believe Emilia was the main part of that.’

Alderney Mignot Memorial Hospital healthcare assistants and Senior Carers (North Team) were the other shortlisted finalists.