Customer Service of the Year

Dennis Nalda

Reminding customers of their bin night and going out of his way was one of the many reasons for Dennis Nalda’s Pride of Guernsey nomination.

Dennis who has been working at the Coop En Route St Andrew’s for more than five years was labelled a ‘lovely, friendly, outgoing man who really is a true asset and deserves recognition’ by one of his nominators Debbie Clarke.

‘It is amazing to be a winner around such beautiful people,’ said Dennis.

‘Thanks to my nominator, thanks to the people of Guernsey for voting for me and even those who didn’t.’

Another nominator said that Dennis made the chore of shopping more enjoyable, taking the time to connect with customers.

‘Dennis always stands out that little bit further.’

Dennis had previously said that winning the award would encourage him to strive to do better in the future, to honour everyone who nominated and voted for him, and not to disappoint anyone.

He also said that enjoying your job and being kind to every person will soon be appreciated and noticed.

Dennis is from the Philippines and moved to the island about 22 years ago.

‘I have to thank the Filipino community in Guernsey,’ he said.

‘I moved here over 20 years and it wasn’t easy at the beginning and I didn’t think the island could accept someone like me, but I love it here.’

Dennis said that winning the award was absolutely amazing and he felt very honoured.

Lydia Tedde and Tuesday Williams were the other two finalists.