Emergency Hero of the Year

Colby Bridgman

Colby Bridgman, 6, has won the Pride of Guernsey’s Emergency Hero of the Year for making a life-saving 999 call when his mum, Jess Payne, collapsed while the two of them were home alone. 

When he was just five years old, Colby immediately noticed something was wrong and made the call to the emergency services to save his mum’s life.

‘At the time of the emergency Colby was just five years old and when his mummy collapsed on the floor, he knew exactly what to do,’ said his nominator Anna Mills. 

Colby had been taught from a young age what to do if anything were ever to happen to his mum. 

‘My mum had taught me what to do in an emergency so I did the same with Colby. It’s just me and him so it’s something I have always taught him,’ said Ms Payne. 

Knowing exactly what to do, Colby acted quickly saving his mum’s life. 

‘I was watching my movie and I heard mummy fall over and I called 999,’ said Colby. 

When I woke up, I was quite shocked to realise he’d phoned the ambulance,’ said Jessica.

The audio of Colby’s phone call to the emergency services was played at Saturday nights awards leaving members of the audience in tears. 

When called up to accept his award the ‘young hero’, as named by Dr Kalaivani Ramalingam, received cheers from his fellow finalists and other members of the audience for his bravery. 

‘I am just so proud of him, I couldn’t be any prouder,’ said Ms Payne. 

Colby’s nominator Anna Mills said ‘What an amazing and brave boy.’ 

Colby was thrilled at his award win. 

‘I’m happy happy happy happy,’ he said.

Hilton Ruch and St John Ambulance crew were the other finalists in the category.