Grandparent/s of the Year

Hayley Bull

Hayley Bull moved into her son and daughter-in-law’s home to take care of her grandsons Sid and Ed after her son was diagnosed with a brain tumour three years ago.

Keeping their lives as normal as possible while their parents travelled off island for treatment is just one of the reasons why she was awarded Grandparent of the Year.

‘I am just really proud to have won, I just love my grandsons so much and I do what any grandparent would do,’ said Hayley.

‘We’ve had some awful times and I’m just so lucky to have my family.’

Her nominator and daughter-in-law Dawn Robilliard said that she did the school runs, lunches, bedtimes, stories, cuddles and everything that she couldn’t do.

‘Without her I’m not sure we all would have coped as well as we have. She deserves recognition and all the gratitude in the world, I couldn’t ask for a better mother-in-law,’ she said,

Sid and Ed would be told of the news that Hayley had won by being presented with the chocolate medals laid out on the Pride of Guernsey tables. 

‘They’ve had to adapt a lot after my son James was diagnosed with a brain tumour,’ she said. 

‘He’s had two operations, radiotherapy and he’s on yearly treatment so he can’t run around and play with them like he used to.’

Last month the family received news that James’ brain tumour was shrinking. 

Despite her grandsons having Hayley completely wrapped around their little fingers, her £1000 prize would be spent by taking the boys to Aladdin’s cave to buy some Lego.

‘It’s amazing to realise that family, friends and the public are behind us and that I’m doing a good job of looking after my grandsons while their mummy looks after my son. We are all in this together and it makes us stronger,’ said Hayley.

She said that she was only doing what any grandparent would do in her family’s circumstances. ‘I feel privileged to have been able to forge such a strong bond with my beautiful, funny, brave grandsons,’ she said. 

‘It is so lovely to feel so appreciated for something I do out of love for my family.’

Jade Reynolds and Milly Sarre were the other finalists in the category.