Sports Volunteer of the Year

Island Games Organising Committee

The 2023 Island Games Organising Committee has won the Sports Volunteer of the Year award for organising the Island Games over the summer. 

Over the last eight years, the committee has worked to make the 2023 Island Games the ‘best games ever’. 

This summer’s Island Games were a great success and the volunteers behind it have been nominated for all the work they put in to make it happen. 

One nominator said how the Games were a ‘wonderful, uplifting and fulfilling occasion put together with pure dedication and love’. 

The organising committee was led by Dame Mary Perkins, who received praise from nominators for ‘all her great planning and hard work organising Guernsey’s Island Games’. 

Another part of the organising committee that was mentioned was the sports management team. ‘[They] worked with grit, determination and humour throughout the whole four years of planning.’ 

On behalf of the committee Kristen Dowling and Julia Bowditch accepted the award. 

‘It shows what can be achieved for a small island like Guernsey,’ said Ms Dowling who was the volunteer manager. 

‘We feel privileged to have organised the event.’ 

The committee members who were collecting the award were shocked that they received the award. 

‘We are delighted,’ said Ms Bowditch. 

‘We are surprised to have won,’ said Ms Dowling. 

‘This is for all 1300 volunteers that helped during the games. 

‘They worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the smooth and effective delivery of the sports element of the Games. 

‘During Games week itself they were working far more hours than a standard full-time job.’

Sue Duport and Cayden Tardiff were the other finalists in the category.