Teacher of the Year

Mary Carey

Herm School teacher Mary Carey was in a state of shock after being named Teacher of the Year.

‘Usually people who know me know I speak a lot, but I am speechless,’ she told the audience.

‘It is an honour and a privilege for any teacher to teach any child.

‘I’m just overwhelmed. Thank you so much for supporting me and it’s been my honour to teach in Herm for almost the last 20 years.

‘This is for all the small schools.’

She said afterwards that it meant a lot to her to know that people appreciated what she did: ‘As teachers we don’t really believe in ourselves, so this means the world.’

After something of a rollercoaster period during which the future of Herm School was discussed in the States, which finally decided to reopen it, Mrs Carey said she had every intention of going back: ‘I’m still the teacher,’ she said.

Mrs Carey has taught an array of age groups in an array of schools in the UK, holding various positions including Senco and community liaison officer. 

Since coming to the Bailiwick she has taught 39 children.

Among her achievements has been running and using outdoors space in Herm for drama and literature as part of projects with the Royal Shakespeare Company and these have included her running a workshop at a Shakespeare conference in Belfast.

She has also written articles for Outdoor Shakespeare, as well as her own nativities, and organised summer concerts for the school including the final ever concert last July, which was dedicated to all small schools including their own. 

‘I hate to be bored and this job is certainly not boring,’ she said after being nominated.

‘I am very proud of all the pupils who have gone through the school and have become lovely, confident adults and friends.’

Other finalists were teacher James Ferbrache from St Sampson’s High School and speech and language therapist Steph Black.