Young Achiever of the Year

Katie Knight

The Young Achiever award was won by Katie Knight.

17-year-old Katie has grown up on Sark and now attends Sparaholt College in the UK where she studies animal care and management, collecting many achievements along the way. 

Throughout her childhood Katie has successfully fostered and rehabilitated baby and adult hedgehogs.

Over the years she has raised money for all sorts of charities through cake sales, raffles, jumble sales and helping at the Sark Sheep Race. 

Since she has been living in the UK for most of the year, she has overcome her fear of big cities and is thriving living away from home in a place so different from Sark. 

She works tirelessly for charity, and is an amazing older sister to four younger siblings. Going above and beyond what is expected for a teenager, Katie is a very valued part of the Sark community.

‘I never expected to win, I feel a bit overwhelmed to be honest,’ she said.

‘It was lovely to be recognised for everything I have done, however I haven’t done any of it for recognition as I enjoy it all, such as helping my mum run the hot food tent at Sark Sheep Race.

‘I really enjoy it as the whole team works well together and however hard the weekend is we all know it’s for a good cause and helps our entire island.’

She added that she eventually planned to become a veterinary nurse following her studies.

‘It’s nice to be recognised for the things I have done, and I couldn’t have done it without my mum and dad, who have always supported me and are always proud of me no matter what.

‘I never thought I would have been nominated and I’m very surprised to win.’

The other finalists in the category were Guernsey Music Centre’s Guernsey Youth Orchestra, Youth Choir and Concert Wind Band, and Arthur Le Goupillot.