Carer of the Year: Dawn Legg

DAWN LEGG has been nominated by her god-daughter, Tillie, for the Carer of the Year Award, sponsored by Specsavers.

Tillie Colmer, 7, said, ‘Auntie Dawn has been helping our family for many years.

‘She makes us cakes and helps us with our homework.

‘She babysits and picks us up from school. She helps my mummy and daddy a lot.’

‘I’m not actually their auntie,’ Dawn confirmed, ‘but that’s what they call me!’

Dawn does not have any children of her own but has a close bond with Tillie and her sister Lottie, who is 10 next week.

‘They are amazing, very kind and loving,’ she said of the two.

Dawn met Tillie and Lottie’s parents, Chris and Helen, through working at Healthspan.

‘I became best friends with Helen as soon as she started – it must have been 23 years ago now.’

‘She’s incredible,’ said Helen. ‘So generous. She’s a massive part of our family. She does everything for everyone. She’s always entertaining Lottie and Tillie. 

‘She does treasure hunts, pamper days, makes rocky road with them. She’s like a second mum to them.’

Dawn is currently living with the family while her new house is being renovated.

‘They are very kind and hard-working,’ she said, ‘and so caring to let me live with them.’