Angel of the Year: Loveridge Ward

LOVERIDGE Ward is up for the Angel of the Year award, sponsored by Ravenscroft.

Their nominator, who wished to remain anonymous, said, ‘These amazing ladies deserve all the recognition they can get.

‘They work tirelessly and even when they’ve had a hard day they keep the smiles on their faces.

‘With my first baby, I needed to have an emergency C-section where I was put to sleep. They supported both myself and my partner.

‘With my second baby, I went into the ward after not feeling my baby move at 30 weeks. They reassured me and kept me calm. I went up to the hospital every day for a week for monitoring during this time. They also discovered that I had gestational diabetes.’

This condition can develop during pregnancy and usually disappears after birth.

‘Denise, the diabetic midwife, was so supportive and really helped me change my diet for the better.’

Annabel Nicholas, associate director, maternity and paediatrics, said: ‘The maternity team are delighted to have been nominated for this award. We have worked hard to maintain a high standard of care despite the challenges of recent times.’

Their nominator finished, ‘All these ladies are absolute angels!’