Carer of the Year: Green Oaks Nursing Home

GREEN OAKS NURSING HOME has received two nominations for the Carer of the Year award, which is sponsored by Specsavers.

Resident Samantha Le Huray said: ‘I have lived here for 15 years and I love everything about the home. I got married here in 2012 and had my wedding party in the garden. I met my husband here and sadly we lost him here too, but he was also very happy.’

Michelle Nash, whose husband, Derek, was a resident at Green Oaks for five years, said: ‘My husband had dementia. The staff (including the chef) were amazing – nothing was ever too much trouble. On our golden wedding anniversary they made a video and took many photos of him for me to take home. They were the loveliest people I have ever met.’

There are currently 17 residents at Green Oaks.

Many of the staff at Green Oaks come from outside of the UK, which means they have not been able to go home to visit their families during the pandemic.

Mrs Nash said: ‘They never once complained about not being able to go home to visit family and they were always cheerful.’

She added: ‘My husband recently died and I cannot say how much I miss seeing these people, they cared for me as well. They treated me with great affection and I miss that a lot.’