Neighbour of the Year: Jen Merritt and Mark Bisson

JEN MERRITT AND MARK BISSON have been nominated for the Guernsey Gas-sponsored Neighbour of the Year award.

Nominator Louise Kelly said: ‘Despite having a young child themselves, and although initially thinking that we wouldn’t need any help, Jen and Mark so very kindly made me and my husband meals each day following the birth of our little girl. 

‘We didn’t appreciate how tough those first few weeks would be and we cannot thank them enough for their help. They are always there when we need them and super-friendly when you just need a chat over the fence.’

Jen and Mark have a seven month-old baby named Alfred Bisson-Merritt.

Mrs Merritt said: ‘We are just doing exactly what other people have done for us in the past. We are paying it forward.

‘Louise is lovely. She has probably done more for us than we have done for her. She is so thoughtful.’

Mrs Merritt added that she thinks having friendly chats over the fence is a part of being a good neighbour.