Carer of the Year: Shane Bentley

AN AMAZING FRIEND’ is how Shane Bentley has been described by Anita Fletcher, his nominator for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year award. ‘He has been such a rock to my husband and myself since my husband has been really poorly.’

Shane is her husband Simon’s best friend and has helped look after him since he suffered a heart attack earlier this year.

‘He collapsed at home on my son’s 18th birthday. He nearly died.’

She added that Mr Bentley visited her husband every day.

‘He’s helped in lots of ways that you wouldn’t expect, like washing Simon’s feet in hospital.

‘Not everyone would react in the same way.’

Mrs Fletcher’s sons – Jake, 18, and Toby, 15 – have also been affected by their dad’s condition.

‘They’ve proper struggled. They’re older now, so they understand all of that.

‘Shane’s checked in on me and my boys and his wife Jo has also been amazing.’

Simon had a quadruple bypass and then developed an infection. He was moved back from Southampton to Guernsey but then sent back to hospital.

Shane helped the couple through this period.

‘He’s absolutely blown us away. We’re so lucky to have a friend like him.

‘People are so quick to blame others now but I think it’s important to give praise where it’s needed.

‘I’m forever grateful.’