Emergency Hero of the Year: Ronny Hallett

RONNY HALLETT, 17, has been nominated for the MSG-sponsored Emergency Hero of the Year award for performing the Heimlich manoeuvre on his mother, Mandy.

While enjoying a barbecue on a hot summer day last year with her husband and two children, Mandy Hallett began choking on a piece of steak.

‘I couldn’t breathe through my nose or my mouth and I was suffocating – I really thought this is it, I’m going to die in front of my children.’ Mandy said.

‘I blacked out and my son Ronny remembered going to St John’s with school when he was nine and he administered the Heimlich manoeuvre. 

‘On the fourth attempt the piece of steak flew out of my mouth and I regained consciousness and was able to breathe.’

Ronny said: ‘I really wasn’t expecting it. It all happened quite fast. I just ran up to her and tried to help her while my brother called the ambulance.’

Ronny, who was 16 at the time of the incident, is now attending Mount Kelly School in Tavistock on a swimming scholarship.

‘My son saved my life because his school took him on a trip to St John’s and he remembered what to do – it shows the importance of education and what a fantastic contribution St John’s makes,’ Mandy said.