Emergency Hero of the Year: Kadie Ormrod

Kadie Ormrod has been nominated for the MSG-sponsored Emergency Hero of the Year award for her hard work and dedication.

AS AN emergency medical technician at St John’s Emergency Ambulance Service, Kadie Ormrod has been described by her nominator, who asked to remain anonymous, as going above and beyond the normal call of duty.

‘In April this year, while off duty, Kadie’s mother was taken seriously ill with a heart attack and then subsequently suffered a cardiac arrest,’ he said.

‘Kadie demonstrated incredible bravery and selflessness when she assisted her paramedic colleagues in providing critical advanced clinical care which saved her mother’s life that night.

‘She continued to remain calm and tended to the rest of her family that were at home. 

‘Kadie’s early actions in recognising the severity of the situation did not delay the advance care her mum required.

‘I look up to Kadie’s work ethic and constant dedication to patient care with admiration.

‘Kadie dedicates a lot of free time to the ambulance service, whether that is providing clinical support at the Covid-19 vaccination centre or coming in off duty to provide operational resilience during times where ambulance resources are stretched beyond capacity.