Carer of the Year: Kirsty Broome

Kirsty Broome goes above and beyond for anyone who needs her help, according to her nominator.

IN putting Kirsty Broome forward for the Specsavers-sponsored Carer of the Year award, 13-year-old Leanne Sarre said that she has made her the person she is today.

‘There have been times that my mental health has been extremely low, but Kirsty has always been there for me,’ she said.

‘Once I messaged her asking for her advice when I was in a dark place, she then drove to where I was and reassured me until I felt comfortable to talk about why I was feeling that low.’

Leanne described the nominee as the most thoughtful, caring supporter anyone could have.

‘She’s helped me to achieve my goal of gaining more confidence in myself to talk at appointments.’

‘Kirsty is my hero because she was there for me when everyone else left.

‘She is my light at the end of the tunnel, always reminding me what I have to live for and making sure I am okay before carrying on with what she is doing. 

‘She has kept her word with everything she has said - she really is my hero.’