Diversity and Inclusion: Darren Alderton

A TIRELESS and charismatic leader, Darren Alderton lives and breathes togetherness.

A TIRELESS and charismatic leader, Darren Alderton lives and breathes togetherness.

Across various creative, charitable, political and entertaining roles he enthusiastically keeps people connected. 

As Liberate’s Rainbow Chorus leader and Guernsey Sings co-organiser, he steered a diverse body of people near and far through lockdown to achieve incredible results.

One of his nominators for the RBC and Liberate-sponsored Diversity and Inclusion award, Joanne De Mouilpied, said: ‘Darren is an amazing advocate for inclusion in the island. He has put in so much work this year to keep people’s spirits up. The Liberation Day concert made the day of so many people who were unable to celebrate with family and friends.’

Fellow nominator Hannah Beacom said Darren’s ability to train inexperienced singers was impressive: ‘The Rainbow Chorus is about much more than just the singing. It is a true celebration of diversity.’

Attending almost every Liberate event and the Black Lives Matter demonstration, he is committed to equality. 

Nominator Julie Wharton said: ‘Darren has worked tirelessly to create an inclusive and diverse space in which all are welcomed. Darren recognises that there are both seen and unseen differences in us all. Darren values differences – each person is treated and valued as a unique individual. He is constantly striving to remove all barriers to learning and participation. His contribution to the life of many people cannot be underestimated.’ 

With ‘30BaysIn30DaysWith30Gays’ he makes daily social media posts, sharing different LGBT flags to educate on sexual identity. 

Additionally he is involved with Music Theatre Guernsey, which is all about inclusivity. 

Nominator Abbie Le Page said: ‘Darren puts his heart and soul into all he does for the community. He is the most supportive person I’ve ever met. Life is so much better with Darren around.’