Pride of Guernsey: Carl Eley

ALTHOUGH Carl Eley regularly cuts the lawn for Natalie Wrigley’s father, she said there is so much more to what he does than simply that.

Miss Wrigley has nominated Mr Eley for the Guernsey Gas-sponsored Neighbour of the Year Award.

She said her dad is 71 and has several health problems, and since his wife, Miss Wrigley’s mum, passed away seven years ago and Miss Wrigley herself moved out two years ago, he has been living alone – apart from his four cats.

‘With his health problems, he doesn’t really leave the house much and spends a lot of his time by himself, apart from when myself and my brothers visit,’ she said.

But Mr Eley pops round to make sure Mr Wrigley is alright and also cuts his front and back lawns.

Miss Wrigley said the family has known Mr Eley for years, since he lived on the same clos as them when she and her brothers were children.

‘He’ always kept an eye on our dad,’ she said.

Cutting the lawn means a lot to the family, she said, since Mr Wrigley can struggle with mowing the lawn because he gets out of breath or too hot in the sun.

‘Seeing the lawn cut beautifully makes dad smile and makes the house look lovely.

‘Quite often Carl doesn’t even ask, he just does it, then off he goes.

‘The other day, I was visiting dad and Carl popped around to cut the lawn and have a chat. 

‘It makes us happy knowing that there are people out there who look out for my dad and I know dad really appreciates it. 

‘Dad always has so many positive things to say about Carl and I would like to thank Carl for looking out for dad. 

‘It may seem like it’s “just cutting a lawn”, but it’s so much more than just that.’