Pride of Guernsey: Facing down adversity

When life gets tough And you face adversity, do you know how you will cope? It’s hard to know for certain until it happens.

In life we deal with challenges that are unexpected, both big and small, but how we deal with these challenges helps us to grow, taking a great level of courage. Being able to stand up to adversity takes a special type of strength, one Close Finance recognises is important within a community and which it is continuing to support through ongoing sponsorship of the Overcoming Adversity Award in the 2019 Pride of Guernsey Awards.

The award itself commends the achievements of an individual who has succeeded against seemingly impossible odds and how their journey of overcoming adversity can provide our community with inspiration and a sense of hope. There are so many people worthy of this award. We continue to be in awe of the stoicism of the nominees at the centre of our community, who deserve to be recognised for their personal strength and spirit.

Close Finance is a people business, our personal approach to customers’ needs underpins everything we do. Having worked closely within the Guernsey community for many years, we proudly support islanders with financial solutions to overcome problems, supporting them at every stage of their life journey. Through our duties we believe we play a positive role in the community and this award gives us the opportunity to support Pride of Guernsey.

Kevin Harris, sales and operations manager