Pride of Guernsey: Brenda Smart

‘BRENDA Smart does not help others to receive acknowledgement in return and this is the only reason I am nervous in writing this nomination,’ said Donna Dowding who has nominated Brenda for Neighbour of the Year.

‘I have been extremely fortunate to have had Brenda as my neighbour for the past 40 years – my family grew up with Brenda’s,’ Donna said. ‘More often than not Brenda would take the three of us [Brenda’s children and Donna] on fantastic play dates.
‘Not only is she a kind, caring and fun lady but I also recall many a story when she would go out of her way to help and support nearby neighbours.’
She recalled an occasion when Brenda, her daughter and Donna visited a nearby house that had been flooded to pass on a bag of essentials to the occupants.
‘True recipients of awards like these, are the kind of people, like Brenda, who inconspicuously reach out to those in need.
‘A couple of years ago my Dad’s Parkinson’s condition deteriorated to the point where my Mum had to care for him 24/7,’ she said, ‘It was an incredibly upsetting and stressful time for my Mum.’
Donna and her husband weren’t always available to help, but Brenda was there to offer support, for which both Donna and her Mum are thankful.
‘Brenda and her husband would visit my Dad, when he was admitted to hospital, helping keep his mind active and offering a breath of fresh air to visiting hours.’
These days, Donna and her husband are the owners of her childhood home and Brenda is still there to offer help and support when challenges arise.
‘We will always be grateful to Brenda for being, over and above, a wonderful neighbour.’