Pride of Guernsey: Dianne Devaney

DIANNE DEVANEY has such a cheery nature she could get anyone smiling, according to Kim Leggett, who has nominated Dianne for the Swoffers-sponsored Neighbour of the Year award. Kim wanted to recognise Dianne for the friendship and support she had given her mother.

‘Sadly Mum passed away recently and Dianne is missing her very much.’
Kim praised Dianne for being a wonderful neighbour to her mother through her kindness and attentiveness.
‘If she was going to the shop she would always check if Mum needed anything,’ Kim said. ‘She would go and sit with Mum and have a cuppa, a chat and a sneaky piece of cake – this all meant the world to Mum.
‘I often arrived to hear the two of them singing away. I will always be grateful to her,’ said Kim, ‘She is a lovely lady.’
Kim added that the whole community at Clos Gravier were so welcoming.
‘Dianne is not in the best of health herself and I would love her to get recognised for her kindness.’