Pride of Guernsey: Town Church/Solveig Sonet

SOLVEIG SONET and the Town Church have been nominated for the Guernsey Gas-sponsored Warm Welcome of the Year award for their initiative in having someone inviting and welcoming people into the church during the summer.

On the occasion of her visit, nominator Judy Hayman had been welcomed by visiting priest in training Miss Sonet, who is staying on the island as part of her training at Ripon College, Oxford.
‘On a visit to Town I was drawn into the church by an inviting-looking welcome sign,’ said Mrs Hayman.
‘I was amazed to be greeted by a lovely young person who had come to the island specifically to work in the Town Church for five weeks and her task was to greet our visitors.
‘Whilst I was in the church there was a steady flow of visitors and it was so delightful to see her greeting them so warmly.’
The idea is to always have someone welcoming people throughout the summer at the church to bring a spiritual presence into the community, as the number of visitors grows.
‘What a difference that could make to a visit to the island and how good for us residents to be reminded about what Guernsey prides itself in – being warm and friendly,’ said Mrs Hayman.
‘Well done to whoever organised it.’