Pride of Guernsey: Sharon Coffell and Louise Dorey

SHARON COFFELL and Louise Dorey have been commended for going above and beyond when helping with the children at Hillside Pre-school and Maylands Nursery.

Their work has been recognised by Helen O’Hara, who has nominated them for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year award.
‘Our little boy Fletch goes to Maylands, which he loves,’ Helen said.
‘Louise Dorey is his key worker and is amazing with him.’
Sharon Coffell owns and runs Hillside Pre-school and Maylands Nursery, with Fletch also attending Le Rondin School, where Helen says
the teachers are equally amazing.
‘He has additional needs and has a speech therapist drop in, Steph Black, who also is brilliant to offer advice and so gives Lou new things to do with Fletch.
‘Lou always wants to go above and beyond for him,’ said Helen.
‘She has done a sign-along course and attends meeting with Sharon to do what is best for him.
‘They both cannot have done more for him, he has thrived there.
‘They are fantastic, as well as all the girls at Maylands – they are all kind, caring and friendly.
‘A huge thank you to everyone involved with Fletch.’