Pride of Guernsey: Guernsey Police

POLICE officers have been praised for helping a woman through her darkest times.

Emily Nuttall decided to nominate Guernsey Police.
‘Having suffered with mental health problems and faced significant traumatic events which have required police help and support in the past six years, without them I would not be here today,’ she said.
‘The police have kept me safe in my darkest hours, protected me from harm, supported me through very difficult and traumatic events, have listened to me and never given up on me. Every single officer has had the time for me, been there, and today I would not be here without them.’
She was particularly keen to praise the public protection unit and the community police officers, but said all the policemen and women had been fantastic.
‘Also the control room, who have all supported me in my time of need and distress. Because of them I am now safe from harm, seeing a light at the end of the tunnel and finding my reasons to keep on living,’ she said.