Pride of Guernsey; The Plough Inn

A PUB LANDLORD who creates an atmosphere like ‘pubs used to be’ has been nominated for the Guernsey Gas Warm Welcome of the Year award, for his pub’s welcoming atmosphere and his charitable work.

The Plough Inn landlord Richard Skipper, affectionately known as Skip, along with his daughter Rebecca Skipper, have been praised by their two nominators for taking the time to welcome and get to know their customers.
Nominator Michelle Sheppard described them both as a breath of fresh air.
‘When you walk in he gives you such a warm welcome, he takes time to get to know you, which is how pubs used to be run,’ she said.
‘The Plough Inn is a bar that, as a woman, I would feel comfortable going in on my own, which you couldn’t imagine doing anywhere else.
‘He does a monthly charity quiz, providing food and raffles, which is a great night to attend but also raising money for local charities.
‘He gets involved in many other charity events as well – for such a small bar, it is a real achievement but that is because of all the work he puts into it.’
Second nominator Emily Nuttall described Skip as an ‘incredible, amazing, welcoming pub landlord’.
‘He welcomes every Guernsey resident and visitor to his pub with open arms, he accepts and includes everyone and makes them feel at home, he has time for people and makes every pub experience the best it can be.
‘Richard does so much to help myself and so many others in the community, he is an amazing friend and an inspiration to everyone and will always do what he can to help everyone.’