Pride of Guernsey: Maria Jackson

KNOWLEDGE and enthusiasm characterise the work of bowel cancer nurse Maria Jackson, who has been put forward for the Ravenscroft-sponsored Angel of the Year award.

Based in the screening unit at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital, Maria is the first point of contact for anyone undergoing screening, and her approach impressed her nominator, Steve Jacobson.
‘She is a very special person in that she is extremely knowledgeable on the subject and shows amazing enthusiasm to ensure that would-be patients are put at ease from the initial contact on a subject which can be considered embarrassing,’ he said.
Later on patients might feel a bit undignified when stretched out on the operating table, he said, but again Maria put them at their ease.
‘To Maria this is all in a day’s work, and she does it with passion and has certainly learnt the skills to lessen any concerns about the screening programme, or to those she would come into contact with on a daily basis involving matters of the bowel.
‘To Maria, a great big “thank you”,’ added Mr Jacobson.
‘What a wonderful person.’