Pride of Guernsey: Matthew Chesters

AN INSPIRATION to his pupils and a brilliant role model for aspiring teachers is how the Grammar School’s Matthew Chesters is described in his nomination for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year Award.

Student Kurt Carre said Mr Chesters was a dedicated teacher who was always ready to help and always tried his best to associate topics with things with which students can identify.

But his interest in his students extends beyond the school: ‘He is most certainly a caring teacher who you can trust with problems outside of class and know he will try his best to help you,’ said Kurt.

‘He creates a relaxed classroom where you feel able and are comfortable to “let your hair down” and be yourself.’

This means that students don’t feel that they are under pressure, but can try their best and know that is all Mr Chesters wants.

‘Mr Chesters not only wants us to get the best out of our schooling, but I know he is also eager to help us after we have left school and give us his advice on where to go next whether we remain in the island, move abroad or move on to university and beyond,’ said Kurt.

‘He is not only an inspiration for us to do well but he is also a brilliant role model for any budding teacher.’