Pride of Guernsey: Elizabeth Bellamy

ALDERNEY METHODIST CHURCH minister Elizabeth Bellamy has been nominated for the OCS-sponsored Parish Champion of the Year Award for her hard work in the community.

Her nominator, Bobbie Allen, demonstrated many examples of times Elizabeth has raised the profile of the church and praised her community-focused mind.

‘Since accepting the permanent position of minister at Alderney Methodist Church, Elizabeth has managed to raise the money required for the much-needed alterations to the church building and the church hall in order for there to be equal access for all comers.

‘She has worked extremely hard to ensure that anyone who wants to come to the church for services, or functions, is not deterred by lack of access.

She has applied for grants, held yard sales and motivated the church team around her so that the access fund reached the requisite amount in a very short space of time.

‘She is community minded and is working towards a more ecumenical Alderney, something that, in a small population like ours, is vital for faith to be able to work in the community.

‘She has done a lot in a short space of time, she has shown commitment to the island, and I believe she is worthy of recognition for her efforts.’