Pride of Guernsey: Sue North

A CHILD’s life has changed thanks to the help of his teacher, Sue North at Le Rondin School.

Her nominator, Sarah de Carteret, was worried that her son, Oliver, would miss out due to his eating habits, with which Mrs North helped, resulting in her nomination for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year Award.

‘My son Oliver is five and has autism. His diet is very limited and he’s never eaten hot food or a meal. I was worried that when he was older, he would miss out on a lot. Birthday parties, family celebrations, even being around food made him anxious.

‘I spoke to Chantelle the school nurse and everything changed. Between her, Mrs North and his teaching assistant Beth, Olly will try new food. It’s still very limited, but there is finally light at the end of that tunnel.

‘Their sheer determination and hard work every day has made Oliver accept food around him and he will even request different foods to try in his lunchbox.

‘They have really gone the extra mile and above and beyond what they need to do. I tried to get help from a lot of different places and he was even put in hospital for a week with a dietician to see if they could get him to eat – nothing worked.

‘That one quick chat in the school nurse’s office has changed our lives and words aren’t enough to say thank you.'