Pride of Guernsey: Charlotte Gleeson

ONCOLOGY nurse Charlotte Gleeson has ‘shone’ to her patients and is the subject of two Ravenscroft-sponsored Angel of the Year Award nominations.

John Domaille wrote that every one of the nurses at Bulstrode House deserved a nomination, but his angel this year was Ms Gleeson.

‘From the very first day that I met Charlotte she has been so very kind and understanding. She explained everything to me about the treatment I was about to start and put me at ease.

‘The support she has given to my wife and family is just wonderful and as the months have passed, her kindness and professional care have shone through.’

Tim Teasdale was impressed by Ms Gleeson’s level of expertise when his wife was receiving treatment, despite only having worked on the unit for a short time.

‘She displayed a loving, caring, joyful attitude throughout the whole seven-hour period and her expertise was second to none.

‘The anti-sickness drugs were then administered slowly over a long period of time with the feeling that she had had 30 years’ experience, yet she had only been with the unit for about two years.’

Both men were impressed by the young nurse’s professionalism and expertise, as well as her kind nature.