Pride of Guernsey: Jessie English

JESSIE ENGLISH is described as a ‘great role model’ by staff at the Guernsey Sports Commission who have nominated her for the Butterfield-sponsored Young Achiever of the Year Award.

Her kind nature and confidence to get involved with all activities are just two of the reasons why the commission believe she is worthy of the title.

‘Jessie is a great role model, she is always demonstrating the values that GSC encourages; she always plays fairly, is resilient, always perseveres, is a great team player, always has a positive attitude and is always respectful. She always demonstrates great sportsmanship.

‘Jessie is also always friendly and welcoming. Whenever there is a new participant we can rely on her to include them and help them settle into the group. She is always encouraging the other participants, is kind to everyone that she meets and is always happy to give the leaders a helping hand.

‘We have seen her confidence grow significantly over the last few months. She will never say no to a challenge and is always keen to try something new. Jessie always gets stuck into all the activities she attends, even if she is the only girl on the football pitch.

‘We are very proud of what Jessie has achieved and it has been an absolute pleasure to watch her flourish’.