Pride of Guernsey: Tom Girard

‘WORD writer, radio talker, music listener, movie watcher, guitar basher, island dweller, wanderluster’. That is how Tom Girard describes himself on his Facebook page.

In nominating him for the Moonpig-sponsored Arts Contribution of the Year Award, Daniel Keltie writes: ‘Tom Girard is a stalwart of the music scene in Guernsey and whilst nominated last year, I believe he needs to be nominated again.

‘Tom spends a lot of his free time photographing, reviewing and supporting local live music, whilst also working on his own BBC Introducing show that introduces bands to the mainstream media once a month. Musicians and artists like Mura Masa, Buffalo Huddleston, Static Alice and many others have been mentioned in his shows.

‘Tom is also a major part of the festival scene, where you can see him running around each and every festival site to watch every band as they play, and then write a whole review about each one. An amazing feat during a three-day festival such as Chaos, or even a one-day festival such as the Vale Earth Fair.’