Pride of Guernsey: LottieĀ Barnes

LOTTIE moved to Guernsey five years ago after a successful career in community arts in the UK to work for the Guernsey Arts Commission as the community arts development manager.

‘In this time, she has worked to support and develop local artists and has been selflessly dedicated to her vision: for Guernsey to be a place where artists reach their full potential and where the arts are part of the very fabric of Guernsey life,’ said Hugh Rose, one of Lottie’s several nominators for the Moonpig-sponsored Arts Contribution of the Year Award.

‘Drawing on her own experience of the transformative power of the arts, she has supported and facilitated a huge number of successful projects, including provision for the arts in almost every aspect of health care on the island and exciting, engaging arts projects that support and enhance the work of established local charities such as the Youth Commission, Mind, Action for Children, the Sarah Groves Foundation, Cheshire Home, Arts for Impact and many, many more.

‘She is a genuine unsung hero of the arts on the island.’

Hugh’s nomination is seconded by Graham Lydall.

‘Lottie has done amazing work in Guernsey in the arts field,’ he said.

‘She has contributed tirelessly through the Guernsey Arts Commission to a number of projects which have improved the lives of islanders.

‘These include the artwork of the Oberlands Mental Health Unit, the childrens’ X-ray room at the PEH, the childrens’ dental service and the Orchard Clinic.

‘On a personal level, Lottie is a fantastic and caring person who works far in excess of the remuneration.’

Other nominators – David Ummels, Jock Pettitt, Marc Winn and Marcel Lenormand – said, respectively: ‘[Lottie] has been shining on our radar screen’; ‘[she has] energy and devotion’; ‘[her work is] ground-breaking’; and ‘she is always thoughtful and professional in her work and ever-encouraging and supportive towards the team she has built over her tenure’.