Pride of Guernsey: Channel Islands Air Search

BRAVE volunteers who fly in dangerous conditions and make up the Channel Islands Air Search team have been nominated for the Rossborough-sponsored Emergency Hero of the Year Award.

Its nominator spoke of the nature of the working conditions for the crew and believes that is why the Air Search team should win.

‘The islands’ “eyes in the sky” have a vital role within the emergency services and offer visual support and navigational information to land- and sea-based crew.

‘The volunteers put their own lives at risk, flying low and slow in dangerous conditions. High winds and poor visibility are often the reason for someone to be lost at sea yet the crews of Channel Islands Air Search are always willing to offer assistance.

‘Working in very uncomfortable conditions, often for long periods of time, these volunteers fly when most of us would consider it far too dangerous.

‘The time and dedication they give to the cause deserves recognition and I feel that they are the pride of Guernsey.

‘Hours of training and family time given up to help others should not go unnoticed.’