Pride of Guernsey: St Andrew’s Floral Group

ST ANDREW’S FLORAL GROUP has had a busy year with revamping the Little Chapel gardens, clearing the Grammar School pond and the Blanchelande College Infants’ Walk, to name a few of their activities.

Evan Ozanne has nominated Ann Wragg and her team of 14 for the OCS-sponsored Parish Champion of the Year Award, not only due to their hard work but also their friendly nature.

‘Drivers and bus passengers wave to them, walkers chat to them, horse riders bid the time of day to them, visitors ask them the way to the Little Chapel or German Underground Hospital and pram-wheeling grannies stop to show off their tiny grandchild.

‘With the aim to “Make our beautiful parish even better”, they undertake many projects in their community.

‘Throughout the year and in all weathers they can be seen wearing their high-vis vests, distinguishable by the word Bloomers on the back.

‘Sowing, propagating, weeding, feeding, dead-heading, rubbish clearing, tea drinking and chatting, they are always working with enthusiasm, energy, expertise and smiles, except for the occasional moan when they are splashed by a passing car.

‘If you see them then wave or stop for a chat for they are all dedicated to making the parish of St Andrew a better place to live in and visit. They are the floral heartbeat of the parish”.