Pride of Guernsey: Bobby and Karen Williams

WHEN tragedy struck Hanna Williams and her son Shay earlier this year, her parents ‘held the family together’ and were always there for them.

Hanna’s son was diagnosed with the rare genetic condition Niemann-Pick earlier this year and he passed away last month.

She said her dad Bobby had always been there for her when she was a teenager and her stepmother Karen had devoted herself to the family since entering their lives.

She has nominated both for Parent/s of the Year, which is sponsored by The Christies Group.

‘When Shay was diagnosed their lives stopped and we were always put first. They were always there day or night, at every appointment here or in the UK, every day at home or at the hospital.

They brought their wedding forward and changed everything so that Shay could be there.

All of our lives changed, but they were our rocks.’

Although Mr and Mrs Williams felt any parents would do the same, Hanna said she never took their support for granted.

‘Most children go to their dads for small things.

‘I went to mine for life-changing things, not just my life but theirs,’ she said.

‘The whole time, they have held things together for us.’