Pride of Guernsey: 'A truly amazing police officer'

BEING a ‘patient and listening ear’ in her role of supporting the community has led to PC Hannah Mechem’s nomination for the Rossborough-sponsored Emergency Hero of the Year Award.

She has put real heart behind the badge in her outstanding care and support.

A demonstration of PC Mechem’s compassion for her work comes from her nominator, who has recently been struggling with mental health issues and difficult personal situations.

Fortunately, she says, one policewoman has always been on hand to listen and help take her to a place of safety where she can get the help she needs.

‘Her patience, understanding, kindness and non-judgmental approach make her a truly amazing police officer in every way and a credit and inspiration to her team,’ she said.

Not stopping there, PC Mechem has remained dependable and continues to ensure that she is on the road to recovery.

‘I feel that police officers like Hannah never get enough praise and thanks for the work they do, so this makes her even more worthy for this award.’

She added that she would like to give ‘a massive thank you in every way’ to PC Mechem, who she said has become much like a friend as well as a police officer.