Pride of Guernsey: 'Communication is key'

TIRELESS work by Le Rondin teacher Sally Evans has been recognised by one parent because she juggles the needs of each student in her class.

Communication has played a large role in Katie Morgan’s decision to nominate Mrs Evans for the Garenne-sponsored Teacher of the Year Award.

‘I think communication with parents is key for teachers and Sally has been brilliant with this – the children all have a communication book and nearly every day Sally goes out of her way to write a little anecdote about what each child has done that day or a funny thing they might have told her.

‘The abilities of the children in my daughter’s class are very varied and Sally has done a wonderful job this year in getting the children to understand each other’s differences and to help each other out with things they may struggle with.’

With the help of teaching assistants Jo and Sarah, Mrs Evans has taken the children on weekly school trips around the island.

‘They have made sure that my daughter has come on leaps and bounds with support and care, whilst also juggling the very varied needs of each child in the class.

‘Every time I have been in to see Sally, she talks with such pride about each and every child in her class’.